Conversational Chatbot with Data Visualization and Crawling Features

Chatbots are programs that usually perform simple, prefixed tasks, which would be very time-consuming or repetitive for a human to do. They are used to automate things you can do online, like booking flights or ordering food. In our work, we combine new chatbot frameworks, natural language processing, machine learning and data visualization. With these, we create a new platform prototype to answer questions from users about a company’s internal and external information, using multiple channels, e.g., skype, web. It allows the search of business information, e.g. inside proposal’s documents. The users can ask questions about projects developed within their company. Our chatbot gives answers using up-to-date crawled news. In this demonstration, users can look for FAQs about Know-center, search for information about the presenters at the i-Know 2017, and get the latest worldwide news through our Know-miner search system.

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